Swiss Gold Global 2.0Refund Policy

Swiss Gold Global will refund 100% of the net product cost on its Enrolling Subscription Product within fourteen (14) days of its original purchase date.

The refundable Product is defined as the first package purchase of the Swiss Gold Global Services and Programs.

These products include MIner Package $170, Gold Package $249, Ambassador Package $3,000, Executive Miner Package $3000 and Platinum package $5,000.

They do not include any single purchase of any precious metal collectibles and or crypto currency mining packages.

In the case of a physical product refund, if the Company does not receive the tracking number and shipping receipt of the returned items within seven (7) days of the refund request, the refund will be completed after deducting the non-returned items.

The Customer must apply for a refund by contacting Swiss Gold Global Member’s Support by written request by logging into their personal Member Account Center and logging a secure request, providing their Membership ID and Order Number.

If a refund request is made by email, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm that the Company received the email confirming the request as the Company will not be liable for emails displaced in spam filters and other email server filters.

Precious metal products are not refundable; however Swiss Gold Global offers a 100% buyback program to non-shipped items.

All proceeds of sell-back transactions or other moneys forwarded to a Member will only be paid to the approved Member’s account as per the Membership compliance Know Your Customer "KYC" approved bank details. No funds will be paid to a third party account holder.

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